Valentine ভেলেণ্টাইন সপ্তাহ 2024 সম্পূৰ্ণ তালিকা 7 ৰ পৰা 21 ফেব্ৰুৱাৰী, দিন | Best Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine /ভেলেণ্টাইন সপ্তাহ 2024

Valentine Week 2024 Full List

Valentine Week 2024 Full List

The best time of year is Valentine's Day or Love Week. From February 7th to 14th, a whole week is dedicated to celebrating love. So if you want a list of the days in February leading up to Valentine's Day, take a look at the chart showing rose days in the Valentine's Day list.

Valentine’s WeekDays 

Rose Day 2024  February 7th

Propose Day 2024 February 8th

Chocolate Day 2024 February 9th

Teddy Day 2024 February 10th

Promise Day 2024 February 11th

Hug Day 2024 February 12th

Kiss Day 2024  February 13th

Valentine Week 2024

Rose Day 2024– February 7th
Rose Day tops the Valentine's Week list. On this day, couples give each other red roses to express their love, care, and enthusiasm. On this day loving couples express their love by giving each other roses. Different colored roses represent different feelings.

Best Gifts for Rose day  7th Feb
  • Send roses with a beautiful quote message
  • Beautiful red rose bunch
  • Heart-shaped floral arrangement

Propose Day 2024– February 8th

Proposal Day comes in second on the February Valentine's Day list. It's the most romantic day of Valentine's Day week as couples get the chance to declare their love in front of their partners. This day is also a rare opportunity for singles. 

Best-suited gifts for Propose day
  • Take your partner to a dining date
  • Jewelry like a ring to propose
  • Personalized greeting card
  • A bouquet of flowers with chocolates

Chocolate Day 2024– February 9th

The day after celebrating Valentine's Day 2023 is Chocolate Day. There is no woman who does not like chocolate. While most people have an incurable sweet tooth, gifting a basket of chocolates is sure to melt their hearts. It is also customary to give chocolates of their choice to your partner on this day.

Chocolate day gift ideas
  • Chocolate cakes and cupcakes
  • Ferrero rochers chocolate package

Teddy Day 2024– February 10th

It's the fourth day of Valentine's week. When people show their love by giving their loved one a teddy bear. Because like a teddy bear, the heart is also very fragile and sensitive. In order to feel the tenderness in their hearts, they gave each other teddy bears. Because like a teddy bear, the heart is also very weak and delicate. To make them feel the tenderness of the heart, they gift each other teddy bears.   

Best  gifts for teddy bear day 10th Feb

  • Accompanying a teddy bear with chocolates. 
  • Go for colors like pink, peach, and red color teddy bears.
  • Choose heart shape cushion to gift your loved one.

Promise Day 2024– February 11th

As easy as it's to love, it's more delicate to maintain it. The 5th day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated by the loving couple as Promise Day. On this day, they promise to love and be together for the rest of their lives. By the way, you can celebrate this day not only with your mate but also with every person who's close to your heart. By the way, you can celebrate this day not only with your partner but also with every person who is close to your heart.

Promise day gift ideas

  • Gifts for wife: 
        Flower bouquets, jewelry, and greeting cards
  • Gifts for girlfriend:
       Keychains and bracelets
  • Gifts for husband: 
       Wallet, perfume, and personalized gifts
  • Gifts for boyfriend: 
       Cushion and cakes

Kiss Day 2024– February 13th

The timetable for Valentine's Day indicates that Kiss Day will be observed on February 13th, 2024. The day is loved by couples everywhere as they express their true emotions by kissing one another. Because it is the only way to convey our affection for someone and make them feel even more appreciated and special. Give a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a heart shape or a box of handcrafted chocolates to increase the ante. To express love without words, a loving kiss is enough for it.

Best gifts for Kiss day

  • Gifts for boyfriend: 
Roses, mugs, and heart-shaped cakes for Valentine
  • Gifts for husband:
 Personalized gifts like photo frames, key chains, coffee mugs
  • Gifts for wife: 
Flower bouquets, tabletops, and greeting cards
  • Gifts for girlfriend: 
Cushions, cakes, and heart-shaped gifts

Valentine’s Day 2024– February 14th

Valentine’s day, the most romantic day of the year, has finally arrived after all the days when love, caring, and devotion has been shown in many ways. It’s a day full of romance and love where you can enjoy the most beautiful celebration of your love and dedication to your sweetheart. Some make plans for a trip, some for a dinner date. So you have a lot of time to plan to make this day memorable.

Best Gift ideas for Valentine’s day

  • Fashionable outfits, cosmetics
  • Bouquet of roses or chocolate hampers with a soft toy
  • A bottle filled with love notes
  • Smart gadgets like smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and more

Valentine Week 2023 Full List 8 to February 21st

  1. Rose Day: February 7th (Tuesday)
  2. Propose Day: February 8th (Wednesday)
  3. Chocolate Day: February 9th (Thursday)
  4. Teddy Day: February 10th (Friday)
  5. Promise Day: February 11th (Saturday)
  6. Hug Day: February 12th (Sunday)
  7. Kiss Day: February 13th (Monday)
  8. Valentine’s Day: February 14th (Tuesday)
  9. Slap Day: February 15th (Wednesday)
  10. Kick Day: February 16th (Thursday)
  11. Perfume Day: February 17th (Friday)
  12. Flirting Day: February 18th (Saturday)
  13. Confession Day: February 19th (Sunday)
  14. Missing Day: February 20th (Monday)
  15. Break Up Day: February 21st (Tuesday)


1. What hapen on 7th Feb to 14th Feb?

February has a special week that starts from 7th Feb and ends on 14th Feb. 

  • 7th Feb is Rose Day

  • 8th Feb is Propose Day

  • 9th Feb is Chocolate Day

  • 10th Feb is Teddy Day

  • 11th Feb is Promise Day

  • 12th Feb is Hug Day

  • 13th Feb is Kiss Day

  • 14th Feb is Valentines Day

2. What are the best ideas for Valentine's Day in India? 

If you are looking for the best ideas for Valentine's Day here is a list of some best gifts for your special one.

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